About Us

Family above all
Sisters chilling on the beach

We are two sisters from Toronto, Canada with an intense passion for travel, culture, food, and language. We have traveled to many exotic countries and are currently living the island dream on a remote paradise tropical island off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua called Corn Islands. We love the constant sun, beach, and yoga vibes.

After visiting the Corn Islands in 2015, We fell in love with the Island and decided to move there and we are lucky to call this little paradise island, home.

“Our intention is to share life transformational techniques through wellness retreats to inspire your life, so you can keep following your dreams, and believe they will come true”

We come with strong backgrounds in Business Management and the desire to spread LOVE all around the world through yoga retreats and island escape.

Coconut Island
Coco Loco on the Beach #unlimitedcoconutontheisland

We are dedicated to planning memorable vacations and retreats in Nicaragua. Come Join us this August 2017. Visit YOGA & WELLNESS RETREAT FOR CAREGIVERS & COMMUNITY WARRIORS.

We are passionate about wellness, meditation, yoga, local community, and living a good life and we are excited for the opportunity to plan your next vacation.

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Getting to Little Corn Island is an adventure, you have to fly to the mainland of Nicaragua, Managua, then take a La Costena flight to Big Corn Island, and then take a small uncovered panga (boat) to Little Island. The boat ride can be a little bumpy and sometimes it is like this video :).